Today, for a variety of reasons, couples are opting for eco-friendly micro weddings.


The challenge is finding intimate settings for small, private ceremonies.



The wedding industry has created an imposing image of weddings that is exhausting for couples, resources and time. This perception, with an ever-growing list of expectations, is now so common we assume it's normal.


As one groom rationalized his wedding expenditures, “Couples are supposed  to overspend for their wedding day." 


And overspend they do, with the average wedding exceeding $34,000. Extended family and friends may have trouble recalling why they were invited, while those closest to the couple have little personal time with them.


Enter an alternative to the trappings of traditional venues, the Micro Wedding. Minimize expense and stress and maximize what is most important - the beloved partner, cherished guests and heartfelt memories of the day. 

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Hosting Backyard Weddings


Share your beautiful garden


  • Hosting is easier than you imagine

  • You choose your available dates, capacity and rental fee

  • Your home interior remains private

  • The couple’s Guest Coordinator orchestrates the day-of details

  • Your site presence on our platform is free

  • We only receive a commission from successfully held events


We look forward to adding

Garden Hosts across the country in 2022!





Green Memberships



Bringing it all together



Rest assured we have you covered


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“My backyard wedding was beautiful. Everything I hoped for. This company really knows what they're doing."

— Dalia, Backyard Bride

“Hosting was easy! I set up 24 chairs, a few tables and I was done. The couple brought catered food and refreshments. It all worked effortlessly"

— Steve Brennan, Host

“It was a perfect day. The only thing that might top it when we return home to have a traditional Chinese wedding”

— Zishan & Peng,

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