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Hosting is easier than you imagine! Once your Host Application Form with 10 horizontal photos of your garden are accepted and posted, all that's necessary is to provide:

    ❖  A maintained photographically beautifully backyard

    ❖  An open ceremony space with a focal point

    ❖  Rented guest chairs in a preferred configuration 

    ❖  Gift table with ice water and glasses

    ❖  Nearby parking


Our assistance includes:

    ❖  Your Site addition on Backyard

    ❖  Marketing exposure through media and show outlets

    ❖  Online secure payment transactions
    ❖  Our Host Handbook with valued information
    ❖  A welcoming "Wedding" sign for your yard

    ❖  Availability to our support staff by phone or email 


Only your backyard is rented hourly, your home interior remains private. Access to a restroom is necessary, but not the kitchen. There are NO membership dues or fees. Backyard Wedding Sites retains a 20% fee from successfully booked events; which is factored into the price. Look over our Backyard Wedding Sites under VIEW SITES to determine how other Hosts present their Sites. This will help you write your Site description, choose appropriate seasonal photos of your garden, and set your hourly rate.

Backyard Wedding Sites welcomes diversity in race, religion and sexual orientation.

Let’s Work Together

We can get your Backyard Site on the map below.

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