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Minnehaha Moongate

Location: Minneapolis, MN 

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From $700

Accommodates 50

  • Focal Arch

  • Gathering Room​

  • Decks

  • Air Conditioning

  • Fire Pit

  • Creek

The Moongate is an ancient portal of deep spiritual significance.

Found throughout the world, its archetypal circular form reflects wholeness, perfection, infinite love.

Stepping through a Moongate represents a transition from one reality to another. For couples being married, entering the Moongate not only invokes the mystical promise of two becoming one, it also offers the blessing of good fortune.

It is with such sensitivities that the Minneapolis architect of this beautifully stone crafted Moongate is making his backyard available to couples about to be married, those renewing vows and even those stepping into another life transition.


Located at the quiet flowing Minnehaha Creek, you'll find everything in this setting calls to your heart.


You may choose this as your intimate garden wedding site, or simply wish to rent a photographic hour to embrace its blessing.

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Site Base Price Includes
  • Two-hour rental

  • 12 attendee chairs ($10 for each additional)

  • Refreshment/gift table

  • Restroom

  • Parking

The rental price reflects the quality of the site location, features and amenities.

This site is NOT available on the following dates:

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