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Urban Paradise Garden
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Site Base Price Includes
  • Two-hour rental

  • 12 attendee chairs ($10 for each additional)

  • Refreshment/gift table

  • Restroom

  • Parking

From $400

Accommodates 30

  • Arbor

  • ​Deck with Pergola

  • Perennial/Annual Garden

  • Wedding Trail

Nestled in Richfield, centrally located a few blocks from Minneapolis, is this award-winning garden which encompasses the perimeter of the front and back yards.


You’ll first notice the stone balancing cairn which marks the entrance to the Wedding Trail. So get your Zen on as you unite in your union celebration.


Before entering the Wedding trail along the side of the property, behold a lovely springtime flowering magenta magnolia tree and flowering crabtree, along with a gorgeous array of color within the perennial garden.


Make your way through the beautiful pathway along a shaded hosta garden for an intimate procession into the backyard through an arbor beneath a swaying corkscrew willow.


Then feast your eyes on a variety of perennials and annuals bursting in a kaleidoscope of magnificent, romantic color.


Also take in the unique cactus altar with a desert vibe.


There are multiple small settings to exchange your unique vows with a lovely green yard to offer a comfortable space for a number of guests to enjoy and relax.


A deck and table is provided for water and staging. Its a superb location and centrally located near numerous hotels and restaurants for a fabulous reception after exchanging your vows.

Location: Richfield, MN

The rental price reflects the quality of the site location, features and amenities.

This site is NOT available on the following dates:

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