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Megalithic Wedding Site

Location: Fountain City, WI

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From $1000

Accommodates 50

  • Chapel

  • Covered Shelter

  • Dolmen

  • Stone Sculptures

  • Stone Circles

  • Walking Labyrinth

  • Moon Gate

  • Pond

  • River View

On a picturesque drive through limestone bluffs along the Mississippi River, just over 2 hours from the MSP airport, lies a magical 30-acre bluff-top property that harkens back to an older world in a different time.


Huge standing stones (megaliths) rise out of fertile farmland, some reaching heights of 20 feet and placed with artistic precision and intention.


This modern megalithic garden features one of the largest privately-owned stone circles in the world which is the most extraordinary location for exchanging wedding vows.


Further, this property is home to the charming thatched, cordwood Chapel of Creation with log walls, colorful glass bottles and elegant stained glass windows where vows may be exchanged indoors.


The couple is welcome to gather in the shelter of the undulating Dragon's Keep before the nuptials; then move by procession to either the Great Stone Circle or the Chapel of Creation.

This 4th-generation farmland features over 180 granite slabs, boulders, standing stones and sculptures, brought in by the host. These stones form three stone circles, a dolmen, classic 7-circuit

labyrinth, dry-stack stone sculpture, natural buildings, food forests, raised garden beds and more.


Besides a spectacular view over the Mississippi River, there are acres of native prairie flowers for pollinators, a few goats in a small pasture, several fabulous cats and seasonal alignments seen only at Solstices and Equinoxes.


Your guests will enjoy exploring the surroundings and may even sense a restored connection to nature that leaves them feeling personally refreshed and renewed. This is a special place.

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Site Base Price Includes
  • Two-hour rental

  • 12 attendee chairs ($10 for each additional)

  • Refreshment/gift table

  • Restroom

  • Parking

The rental price reflects the quality of the site location, features and amenities.

This site is NOT available on the following dates:

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